On Feminism and Labels

Holy shit, It’s Time For Feminism. Hi-ho Trigger, away!

I confess to arguing with angry, militant feminists back in the college years, mainly because they sought me out to humiliate and destroy as a potential enemy. I never could figure out what right they were fighting to achieve, what men supposedly possessed and women could only covet from afar. When confronted with this question, they would invariably divert or change the topic. Otherwise, feminism had been off my radar entirely.

Fast forward 15 years, and suddenly it’s totally en vogue once again. I have strange women (and some very emasculated men) constantly telling me I’m a misogynist, a rapist and/or rape apologist, privileged, responsible for wars, famine, etc. etc. ad nauseam. Now it’s primarily online, which is not nearly as irritating, but the ideas have also mutated and become more toxic since then. Identity politics, the embrace of a ridiculous redefinition of racism/sexism (power + prejudice), etc. And yet to this day, when I confront angry feminists with the question: “in the west, what right do women lack that men enjoy?” I’m still awaiting my answer.

I have no problem with feminism insofar as it intersects with gender egalitarianism, but I oppose modern feminism in general because at best it is unnecessary and at worst it infantilizes women and demonizes men. Not for my sake; I can take it. But for my daughters. They deserve to be able to think for themselves.

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