Kevin Logan: Are You A #Feminist?

This is an anti-drama video. Frankly, neither JJTalkz nor Shoe0nHead need me to white knight for them; they’re both more than capable of handling their own problems. But I’m fucking sick of false dichotomies, tribalistic thinking, and needless shit stirring. This is an appeal to Kevin Logan to do his part and help stop the endless cycle of bullshit.

UPDATE: Kevin went on Blue Chat, and spoke directly to JJTalkz, Aussyr, and several others:

DISCLAIMER: The original video has been cut for brevity and meets the criteria for FAIR USE.

▶ Kevin’s Video:


♫ “Religion Is A Waste Of Time” courtesy of Four Knuckle Sam
♫ “Can I Belong To The Tribe?” courtesy of Jaunitos

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