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Most of the Q&A services out there, like, are pure cancer. They want total control of your social media accounts for basic functionality, among other things. If you want to ask me questions, this is a good place to do so. Whether you choose to remain anonymous or not is up to you.

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    1. Like movies and music, too many to list, and shifting based on my moods. A few that come to mind are Until We Have Faces, by C.S. Lewis, Thus Spoke Zarathustra by Friedrich Nietzsche, and The Hero With A Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell.

    1. I’m presently more concerned about how people with somewhat similar political leanings to myself are acting in reaction to Trump than Trump himself. Humanity has always had hard times. Where we go from here is up to us, not some political leader in a lofty tower.

    1. Be the best version of you. Be true to yourself regardless of what anybody says. Pay forward, not back. Treat others the way you wish to be treated. Do good not for what others will think about you, but because it is good to do so.

    1. Both. Corrupt individuals horde wealth as a means to achieve more power, which in turn allows them to live out their selfish desires. But wealth also has a corrupting effect on those who are more selfish than they realized. For example, extremely rich elites advocating that we all give up the evils of capitalism, while simultaneously holding onto their own wealth with white knuckles, avoiding the taxes which maintain our society via offshore tax havens and loopholes, and living in isolated, gated communities.

    1. He’s actually fulfilling the majority of his campaign promises, so that’s at least something most politicians never come close to. Of course his promises meant very little to me, as I never supported him. But I believe most of the reason for his unpopularity thus far has been primarily based on falsehoods and hyperbole. A lot of people are getting worked up about things that aren’t even true. I can think of plenty of reasons to dislike Trump as both a man and a political leader, I don’t see why anybody would need to lie about it. Perhaps the truth is too mundane?

    1. Absolutely nothin!

      If I put my morals and ethics aside and look at it objectively as possible, I’d say it’s really good at wasting resources. But really, this is a human expression of a longstanding biological phenomenon.

    1. The best parts are allowing us to do the beautiful things human beings are capable of more efficiently. The worst parts are allowing us to do the horrible things human beings are capable of more efficiently.

    1. I’ve seen many beautiful places. Yosemite holds a special place in my heart, and once I hiked into the San Bernardino mountains during a storm and sat in a natural hotspring while the snow fell over the valley below. But ultimately it is the human connection that means the most to me much moreso than the location itself.

    1. Depends. Sometimes it’s a chemical imbalance, sometimes it comes from a deep place within our psyche. Depression is a dangerous adversary, because it blinds us to the beautiful things in this life and highlights the painful. Sorrow is part of life, but that is no way to live. It’s unbalanced.

    1. I think that race is a really oversimplified way of pointing out our various superficial traits. Ultimately, we are all human, and those things are merely window dressing. If the people who wound up in Africa had migrated to Europe instead, and vise-versa, then the former group of people would have light skin now and the latter dark skin. The differences are merely environment, diet, and time.

    1. I think YouTube is no longer the place it once was. The concept of the network was a good one, but it was poorly executed in nearly every way possible. Maybe something similar should exist in the future, but today it may be a moot point.

    1. America is an idea more than a thing. In simple terms I would advance the tenants of the enlightenment in the interests of a more egalitarian and advanced society. But fundamentally, I believe that America’s people need to improve, because if America is anything, it is that. And if it has any value, it is in its citizenry.

    1. Any person who has acted in a selfless manner for the greater good is a hero in the most objective sense of the word. More specifically, I don’t have any individuals I can think of that I hold on a pedestal. I simultaneously recognize the heroism of these individuals and their inherent flaws and fallibility.

  1. Some people feel that freedo of speech is going away on college campuses in America. Do you think that’s the fault of SJWs?

    1. Partially, but I think that is a symptom of a larger sociological problem, as are SJWs themselves. I believe it is not truly from a place of malice, but misguided good intentions, a lack of direction and self-worth.

    1. By being willing to accept the full reality of themselves, their current situations, and those that shaped them. But I find that in my own life and that of those I know, it is being untrue to oneself that brings shame and self-loathing. Thus perhaps it is not change of one’s fundamental nature that is required, but becoming the best version of the core person one already is.

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